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The Cuvelai River Basin is shared by Angola and Namibia.

This is website of the Cuvelai Water Course Commission. It is aimed at promoting the work of CUVECOM and the sustainable development and management of the basin water resources in the interests of those living within the basin on both sides of the border. The site is hosted by the CUVECOM Secretariat.


Access to Improved water source (urban)


Access to improved water source (rural)


Access to improved sanitation (urban)


Access to improved sanitation (rural)

Latest News & Developments from the Cuvelai

Mr. Silvanus Uunona, Programme Manager at CUVEOM presenting the plan.
19th February 2020

CUVECOM presents its 20-year recent developed IWRM Plan.

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13th August 2019

Cooperação com Universidades

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13th August 2019

Plano da GIRH

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19th March 2019

Cooperation with Universities

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18th March 2019


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A Journey Through The Cuvelai River Basin

The Cuvelai River Awareness Kit (RAK) is aimed at providing an insight into the Cuvelai River Basin from its source in the hills of southern Angola to its end in the Etosha Pan in northern Namibia. Along the way, the user will be learn about the river basin, people and the river, water governanceand resource management.


Meet the people that make it all happen.
Mr. Silvanus Uunona <span>Programme Manager</span>
Mr. Silvanus Uunona Programme Manager
Ms. Toini Shikulo <span>Finance and Administration Officer </span>
Ms. Toini Shikulo Finance and Administration Officer
Ms. Hilkka Amutenya <span>Office Assistant</span>
Ms. Hilkka Amutenya Office Assistant
Executive Secretary<span>Vacant </span>
Executive SecretaryVacant