24th February 2019


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The Cuvelai Watercourse Commission (CUVECOM) is the institution responsible for managing the water resources of the Cuvelai River basin, a transboundary resource shared by Angola and Namibia. CUVECOM’s mission is to promote and advise on the sustainable management of water resources to support the safety and well-being of the population.

The Commission officially came into being on 16thSeptember 2014 but it has taken some time to set up an interim Secretariat in Ondangwa and Ondjiva. The Commission is becoming increasingly active, working with the governments of both Angola and Namibia, communities and a wide range of stakeholders to address the water-related issues and challenges in the basin.

The Commission is busy drawing up a basin-wide IWRM Plan for the basin. Although it has a long (20 years) timeline, it will also have a focus on the concrete priority actions for the next 5 years.

CUVECOM structure (click the image to enlarge)